Monthly Archives: May 2010

Slammin’ Salmon Part Deux – Cilantro Frenzy

Since my teetering on the edge of imminent self-destruction home computer is deterring me from actually UPLOADING my pics from Rome (really, just any pics on the new camera) here’s a creation from late March.  This actually comes from the same weekend as the Taco BBQ on the Deck featuring steak, chicken, grilled bananas, and […]

Countdown to Italy: Cozze, Orecchiette e Polpette

Well, dear readers, my Roman Holiday is imminent, making this the last entry in the Countdown to Italy series.  I do, however, anticipate a week full of delicious meals, a few of which I might even deem worthy of Headline Foods.  Italy Recap anyone?  It will probably include lots of gelato glamor shots. Do you […]

Welcome to the Deck – Taco BBQ

(I recommend reading this post here for maximum viewing pleasure) After last week’s dish for the unseasonably cold days of spring, let’s move on to an appreciation of the unseasonably warm.  Which I really need to get in now, because after today’s heat wave I’m not sure I’ll be appreciating the warmth for too much […]