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Started by three friends with a love of political and gastronomic discourse, Headline Foods has evolved from an eclectic collection of diet-based or pork fat-based recipes into a gastronomic travelogue, to the home of Maddie’s musings during her time at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy, where she studied Food Culture and Communication, to now, finally, just a place where she writes about food and the rather high volume of thoughts she has about subjects pertaining to food. In addition to writing this blog at the high frequency of up to 6 posts a year, Maddie recently helped open Foodshed Take Away in Napa, a pizza by the slice, take out restaurant with an extensive collection of Italian wines. Come visit.


Original Bios

Made by Maddie

Bored and unemployed one summer, Maddie spent her days reading food blogs and whipping up elaborate meals for her grateful roommates in their tiny Brooklyn kitchen.  After spending four days trying to come up with new uses for homemade ricotta, she realized that her ideas needed to be shared with the world, and hounded the tech-savvy Kati to launch a blog.  As luck would have it, the day after the acquisition of the Headline Foods domain, Maddie landed a new job and promptly forgot all about it.  But she kept cooking.  And taking pictures of food.  And finally remembered the password and loaded up a whole bunch of posts for your culinary pleasure.

After a year of blogging from the Lorimer Kitchen, Maddie packed her clothes, toiletries, and immersion blender, and hightailed it over to Italy.  In Rome she is a film producer (ha, exaggeration) by day, and Maven of Melanzane by night.  She is known to indulge in gelato before noon and always insists on having the butcher preslice the salame to avoid carrying large knives to picnics in Circo Massimo.

Her favorite food groups include tacos and melted cheese.

Marko’s Kitchen Stadium

Marko posts from the expansive, pristine and ridiculously well-stocked  Westchester kitchen of her parents. After half-heartedly “helping” to cook in high school, she really cut her cooking teeth with entrees and sides over a flaming saucepan during her junior year of college, after she left the sorority house and found that in other places of residence angry men named Doyle don’t just prepare delicious meals for you twice daily.
Although she still loves to experiment with flavors, textures and spices for meats, fish and pasta, she has had to switch over to baking desserts for one big reason: people can’t handle her “experiments.” Macaroni and queso? Cottage cheese lasagna? Spicy mashed black beans with Cheerios, baby corn and hot sauce? Delicacies. The world just isn’t ready yet, so properly measured and timed desserts it is for now. Just remember: If you can’t handle the heat…those must not be real granite counter tops.

Jamie Oliver’s (but really Kati’s) Food Revolution

Kati is the Headline Foods DC affiliate, which means since using utensils at free social events in the nation’s capitol are outlawed, her only affordable alternative is to make food for herself. Ironically, most of this ends up still being finger food junk. Her entries will usually highlight ways to find flavor and be full while still fitting into your pants in the morning. A daily battle.

At age 14 Kati rediscovered vegetables. At age 24 she rediscovered spice. Who knows what she will uncover by age 34? Possibilities include but are not limited to: conservatism, reindeer meat, butter, religion, tea, butterflies or mustard.


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