Monthly Archives: March 2013

A Little Deep-Fried Nugget of Heaven: A Morning at Cicciolo d’Oro

I covered the highlights of Emilia in my last post, but for those of you keeping close watch, you may have noticed an important omission – our morning at Cicciolo d’Oro.  This was by design, as there is no way this wonderful place could share space with even the most enlightening, interesting, delicious, and fascinating […]

Pork Week 2K13 – The Emilian Stage

Somehow nearly three weeks have already gone by since returning from our Reggio Emilia focused stage in February, and I’ve been stumbling around in a pork fat coma ever since. The trip had tons of highs and lows (the highs mostly coming in the form of pork fat and raw meats, and the lows mostly […]