Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Venetian Stage

I feel a bit crass referring to “selling points” of a Masters program, but I must admit – one of UNISG’s selling points is the inclusion of 6 study trips (or stages – stahhhhj) as part of the curriculum.  These trips are designed to give us an in-depth exposure to the products and cuisine of […]

DIY Bra: Cheese, Booze, and Some Fresh Pasta to Boot

Last weekend was very hands-on here in Bra.  Maybe it was in anticipation of a week of being driven around Veneto and force-fed mass quantities of prosecco and radicchio (more on that later), or maybe it was the need to do something productive after sitting through a six hour lecture on…um…something, I’m sure, but whatever […]

Over the River and Through the Woods, to Enrico’s Winery We Go…

Just before heading home for Christmas, a few of us decided to celebrate the old-fashioned way – by cramming into a taxi van (“il pullman” as Massi, my auto-hookup, calls it), careening down a dirt road and up a rather windy hillside, and visiting Rivetto, a small producer of some of Piemonte’s exceptional wines. We were greeted […]