The van careened into the parking lot, screeching to a halt in front of us and the handful of other bleary-eyed travelers, shivering in the pre-dawn cold of the Sicilian spring morning. As we slowly came to the realization that this mini-bus was the low-capacity stand-in for a 2am train that would never fill its […]

Every so often, I get asked about my love of Italy. Why I went there for three years, what were my favorite parts, would I ever go back, etc. It’s always a difficult question to answer as I know what made my experience so wonderful is directly influenced by the fact that I was there as […]

A while ago I considered the idea of the soul of a restaurant – those intangibles, or, as the case may be, tangibles, that contribute to the very essence of a place. The soul can be anything really, derived from anywhere. It can be a person, the menu, the structure, the music – all of […]

I’ve been giving my spiel a lot lately. The “how did you end up in Napa” spiel. Which, on the one hand, is good, because it’s the spiel I give when I meet someone new, and if I’ve been giving it a lot lately, it’s because I’m meeting a lot of new people. Which has […]

I have now spent two years in the hospitality industry. Hardly anything at all in the grand scheme of things, and, the whole time, while certainly in customer-facing positions, in situations that are far less rigid and structured than much of the industry. I struggled early on. Balancing my natural inclination to correct (err…educate), with […]

Two and a half years ago, I talked my parents into a dinner. They were coming to visit me in Italy, we were going to spend a few days in Bologna, and so, I figured, we should probably take a short train ride down to Modena and dine at Osteria Francescana. I’m no star chaser, […]

As a member of the greater customer service field, one of the most simultaneously entertaining and frustrating activities in which I participate is the occasional reading of online reviews. At Foodshed we have been lucky enough to receive an overwhelmingly positive response on Yelp and whatnot, and while there are always gems within the friendly […]

Last November, I arrived back in California with three years in Italy, a Masters in Food Culture and Communication, and a few extra wine and pasta-fueled pounds under my belt. My thought process and passions that had led me to pursue a degree at the University of Gastronomic Sciences were still intact, but I was floundering […]

I’m sitting at my kitchen counter right now, eating some bread and buffalo camembert. It’s delicious. Really quite tasty, a particularly unique cheese I first discovered at the Bra Cheese Festival nearly two years ago. It has the tang and light funk that you find in a proper mozzarella, but housed in that toothsomely buttery […]

A few weeks ago, I overheard a customer inquiring after the line of fancily wrapped chocolates that we have for sale at the front of the store – you know, our version of the Snickers bar and US Weekly you’d impulse grab in the checkout line at Safeway. In the case of Foodshed, it’s hand-rolled taralli […]