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Cinna(seriously,)mon (eat these if you feel) Blueberry (because you will) Crumble Bars

I used to be a savory-foods person. It’s not that desserts didn’t interest me; main courses just interested me more. Brunch meant omelettes, hash browns and bacon, never stuffed French toast or pancakes. And back when I had self-control around food, that was good enough for me, just my salty delights. Now I just eat […]

How to Make Dinner While Watching Baseball All Afternoon – Black Bean Soup

About a month ago we were having an incredible heat wave here in New York City.  We were grilling on the deck, hanging out outside all day, getting our sun tans on, and like, celebrating Presidents Day.  Okay, it was a little later than that (mid-March-ish), but still unseasonably warm.  So, I celebrated by going […]

Countdown to Italy – Bavette en Guazetto

The latest entry in the Countdown to Italy series comes not from Puglia, land of orrechiette, burratta, and my study abroad summer, but, perhaps more appropriately for my upcoming voyage, from Rome, by way of Manhattan.  Don’t worry, Enrica taught us how to make mussels, so stay tuned for more from the Lecce kitchen! When […]

Bread So Healthy Keira Knightley Might Have 1/2 A Bite

Although I love restaurants and contribute much of my disposable income to them, if you are really just looking for a nice day and some nice beverages/food, you can do it without the wait, the waiter/waitress trying to turn the table, the debate over where to go, the PRICES.