Monthly Archives: April 2011

Melanzane Monday: Torta Rustica

Life here in Rome lately has been chock-full of visitors.  Since the beginning of March it seems like every week someone’s mom/sister/long lost college roommate’s ex boyfriend’s cousin’s dog has been visiting.  Which on the one hand is a perfect excuse to do things like make reservations for the “let’s all collectively nerd out together […]

Life in Italy is a State of Permanent Brunch

I’d like to go on record.  Today, April 3, 2011, I, Madeleine Corey DeWitt, developed a theory (spoiler alert: it’s the title of the post): Life in Italy is a state of permanent brunch. Please follow along while I defend my thesis, and, with any luck, earn a laurel wreath to wear atop my head […]