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Taste and Place

I’m sitting at my kitchen counter right now, eating some bread and buffalo camembert. It’s delicious. Really quite tasty, a particularly unique cheese I first discovered at the Bra Cheese Festival nearly two years ago. It has the tang and light funk that you find in a proper mozzarella, but housed in that toothsomely buttery […]

On origins.

A few weeks ago, I overheard a customer inquiring after the line of fancily wrapped chocolates that we have for sale at the front of the store – you know, our version of the Snickers bar and US Weekly you’d impulse grab in the checkout line at Safeway. In the case of Foodshed, it’s hand-rolled taralli […]

Cacio e Pepe

Originally published on Young In Rome Although I like to pretend to be quite the accomplished chef, I recently came to the realization that after 5 months in Italy, not only have I not mastered the classic Roman pastas, I’ve never even made some of them! For the uninitiated, the traditional cucina romana primi features […]

Easter Feaster

Has it really been two whole months since we’ve last seen each other?  Well, between a plethora of visitors and a new side project, Headline Foods has been slacking off a little.  My bad. Seriously.  I mean honestly, we’ve missed fava bean season entirely, carciofi romani disappeared from the markets weeks ago, and it’s so freaking hot […]

Melanzane Monday: Torta Rustica

Life here in Rome lately has been chock-full of visitors.  Since the beginning of March it seems like every week someone’s mom/sister/long lost college roommate’s ex boyfriend’s cousin’s dog has been visiting.  Which on the one hand is a perfect excuse to do things like make reservations for the “let’s all collectively nerd out together […]

Life in Italy is a State of Permanent Brunch

I’d like to go on record.  Today, April 3, 2011, I, Madeleine Corey DeWitt, developed a theory (spoiler alert: it’s the title of the post): Life in Italy is a state of permanent brunch. Please follow along while I defend my thesis, and, with any luck, earn a laurel wreath to wear atop my head […]

Just Another Melanzane Monday

Is fortune fleeting or is teaching terrible?  Regardless, last Monday morning dawned on a calendar free of obligation or care.  Aka I got fired.  Well, that’s a bit dramatic – suffice to say I had a brief return to the Roman job market in search of more stimulating employment.  And what better way to spend […]

Holy Mackerel!

  Well, here I am, almost a month into my life in Rome, with barely a pork roast to show for it.  Between job searching and starting, apartment hunting, and running around the city looking at really cool old things (4th Century Hypogeum, what up!), I have seriously lacked the time to take a daily […]

Welcome to Rome

It’s hard to have a bad meal in Rome.  It is particularly hard to have a bad first meal in Rome. And it’s nearly impossible to have a bad meal in Rome, the night you arrive, if you’re helping to cook it yourself and sharing it with a convivial mix of old and new friends.  […]

Baity’s Birthday Bolognese and An Important Announcement Regarding the Future of Headline Foods

Remember back last spring when I was doing that whole “Countdown to Italy” series? Because I was going to visit some friends in Rome for a week and I was super excited about it, and thus cooking all kinds of Italian food at home and/or writing about that cooking class I took a few summers […]