Welcome to the Deck – Taco BBQ

A Visual Feast

(I recommend reading this post here for maximum viewing pleasure)

After last week’s dish for the unseasonably cold days of spring, let’s move on to an appreciation of the unseasonably warm.  Which I really need to get in now, because after today’s heat wave I’m not sure I’ll be appreciating the warmth for too much longer.  Eh, that’s not true, I love East Coast summer in all of it’s heat and stickiness.  I think it comes from a childhood of Bay Area summers where 65 is considered a peak in July.  For me, the best part about summer is dining al fresco, and the best place to dine al fresco is on our deck, and the best way to eat on our deck is by grilling on the Weber.  So, a couple of weeks back, the roomies and I woke up one Saturday morning to clear skies and 75 degree weather, put that word out that the Weber was making her inaugural appearance of the season, made a quick trip to the grocery store, and within 45 minutes we threw together the first bbq of the season.  But I must say, it wasn’t so much a bbq as a feast.  A feast featuring:

Maddie’s famous guacamole (contest for the comment section – name the secret ingredient!):

Also starring a cilantro based chimichurri

Grilled Cholua Chicken…

No secret ingredient contest for this one, because it's obviously Cholua.

A charred pepper medley…

The burnt spots mean they're done

Some unphotographed flank steak…

And tortillas to bring it all together into taco form…

This photo includes two of my favorite food groups.

I really don’t have much to add to these photos (all courtesy of Liz Martone and her awesome fancy camera).  And that’s what I love about grilling – it’s all so simple.  No recipes needed.  Just season the meat a little, toss the veggies with some oil, throw it on the grill until it looks done, and as long as you have fresh ingredients (and some pickled red onions in the fridge), you have a delicious meal.  So feast your eyes on our visual feast, and hope that you score an invitation to the next deck party.  Word on the street is there might be homemade popsicles.



  1. […] camera) here’s a creation from late March.  This actually comes from the same weekend as the Taco BBQ on the Deck featuring steak, chicken, grilled bananas, and assorted chimichurri variations.  As previously […]

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