The Resurrection of Headline Foods, and an announcement

Well friend(s), I’m back. I know you’ve all been refreshing your browsers every 10-12 seconds for these last 15 months since the publication of Cacio e Pepe, but over the last year, I’ve been diverting my blogging engergies toward a cool little project called Young in Rome.  If you find yourself in Rome, planning a trip to Rome, or wanting to spend a few minutes and megabytes feeling like you’re in Rome, then I highly suggest you navigate yourself over there and read what our awesome stable of writers are covering.  I’m still going to be doing some contributing over there, but also bringing back this good old url over here.

We started Headline Foods three years ago with the idea that (in the opinion of the founders) the most interesting things to talk about are food and current events, or, headlines.  Also, Headline Foods kinda sounds like Headline News, and even though it doesn’t actually rhyme, I was always amused by that little sound nugget. Where were we – headlines and foods.  Separately, fascinating, together, something else entirely.  Still, during the glory days of HF (2010, I’m looking at you), the posts ran more toward the recipe side of things.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there are a million recipe sites out there, so you really don’t need my take on bacon fat-fried Brussels sprouts, when apparently bacon is a) passe and b) facing some kind of shortage.  But this announcement isn’t really about some kind of editorial overhaul here at HF. That wouldn’t really make sense, considering we haven’t posted a word since June of 2011.  Instead, this is an incredibly self-serving post as it is about my future, and therefore the future of Headline Foods, since this is where I will be documenting at least the next 12 months, if not more.

Since I’m already rambling, let’s backtrack for a second.  I imagine most anyone who is reading this is either a) a blood relative or b) a non-blood relative with whom I’ve interacted recently enough that Facebook’s algorithms have moved this to a high enough priority on your Newsfeed that you actually see it, which means that you are, for the most part, aware of why I moved to Rome in January 2011. Not to escape anything at home or in New York, but really for a fun, international experience before going to law school.  Well, it’s almost two years later and I still haven’t enrolled in law school, nor do I intend to do so in the foreseeable future.  My time in Rome helped me realize that my passion is with food – not necessarily cooking it, but talking about it, discussing it, understanding it and it’s role in culture.  As you might imagine, Roman and Italian food culture are very different than American – in ways both positive and negative.  How we choose what we eat, how we eat, where we eat, when, I mean go through all of the (Nick News) W5, and you run into stark differences pretty much anywhere you go. And this fascinates me. Because food is so much more than just some fuel to get us through the day.  It is a piece of culture and a commodity and science and so many other things, and I think it is easy to lose track of that.

So, I’m going to study it. The culture of food specifically, and how (the collective) we perceive it. I’m enrolling at the University of Gastronomic Sciences  in Pollenzo, Italy to do a Masters in Food Culture and Communication.  I do not know exactly where this will lead me in terms of a career, but I know this is an exciting field with international implications in which I am eager to immerse myself.  So, we will see where I end up, and in the interim, I will be up in northern Italy taking awesome sounding classes like Sustainable Gastronomy; Food Justice;  Theory and Method in the Anthropology of Food; Food in Popular Culture; Semiotics of Gastronomy; and Tasting Lecture: Beer.

And, since a large part of this program focuses on media and the representation of food, I think it’s fair to say that this blog is really going to be getting back to its Headline Foods roots.  But don’t worry, I’ll still throw in the occasional recipe for bacon fat-fried polenta, or whatever else I come across in my new Piemontese home (truffles, Barolo, stuff like that).  Which happens to be super close the Alps.  So come visit.  I’ll be there for a year starting in November.




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    yummy! can’t wait!

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