Still lip synching, but from noon last Sunday to noon today, I have lost 5.5 pounds, or 4% of my body weight! Yeah, I call booshit on myself too, but I swear its true. And I can tell the difference. Sidenote: I did work out six of the seven days, so that also could of had a hand. But not 5.5 pounds of difference, since it was not too much more than I normally work out (sadly).

Will I do it again? Maybe eventually. I think my normal diet will carry on the GM legacy as far as simplifying my menu, drinking more water and planning meals ahead of time. But I’m happy to return to my normal, poisonous and toxic food and beverage choices. If I ever need a detox again, I’ll know what to do!

Thanks for all the support! Now back to Maddie making real food that is pretty and tastes good.


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