Home Stretch

Day Seven Today your food intake will consist of brown rice, fruit juices and all the vegetables you care to consume.”

With OJ and black coffee for breakfast, I felt full and refreshed. Went outside to finish a book and felt really, really good as the GM diet claims. Still wondering how much of it is mental, but in the end who cares?

Told my mom about it, because she was confused as to why I would have a drinking surrogate. She goes “ok, that explains the banana text. I was kinda wondering.”

Had the brown rice I cooked the night before as well as some spinach I bought today and sauteed. Today’s options were not to far off the beaten path from my regular diet with the exception of the fruit juices. That was actually a treat – I rarely drink juice.

I went out tonight and only ordered club soda and water, and was astonished to find out that the first place I went to actually charged me $3 for a very small cup of club soda. How classy. Everyone was still tempting me to drink, but I managed to hold my ground. Also ran out of money between cabs and designer club sodas so that helped too.


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