I’m a Survivor

Day Six Beef and vegetables. Today you may eat an unlimited amount of beef and vegetables. Eat to your hearts content.”

It was not so bad. I managed to foray into the restaurant industry for one meal of the day, discovering the magic behind creating your own salad or pure veggies and vinegar.

the broccoli was legit gross but besides that it worked

There is something more satisfying about cooking/preparing the food yourself. The amount of time I spend in the kitchen makes it seem like I’m devoting more time to actually eating, and its almost part of the mental aspect. I cooked up some flank steak last night and it was fantastic. Keeps you very full and tastes/smells amazing. I have fond memories of my dad making flank steak for dinner, and remember it being a leaner cut but one of the most tasty. I will be cleaning up while also cooking up some brown rice for tomorrow.

New discovery: listening to my iPod shuffle makes chilling in the kitchen much more relaxing and entertaining. Most people probably know that…I however am just now discovering it! But since music really motivates me for working out, its definitely playing the same role for cooking. Although I prefer upbeat jams for working out and slow ballad and r&b style hooks for cooking. I will probably make a cooking playlist!

I would also like to note the coincidence: the GM CEO stepped down today. Couldn’t handle the pressure of the diet, perhaps? Methinks. I can help him one. For one million dollars upfront.


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