Sam Kass Would Be Proud

Day Three A mixture of fruits and vegetables of your choice. Any amount, any quantity. No bananas yet. No potatoes today.”

I have consumed so much fruit and so many veggies that I’m starting to envision myself as a rabbit frolicking in Michelle Obama’s White House garden.

soon to be a playboy bunny

My friend sent me this article (“How Sesame Street Is Helping Families Eat Better”) and it really got me thinking about how viable this diet really is for most Americans. As I noted before, I had to go to a grocery store waaaay out of the way to get suitable produce, because the grocery store in my neighborhood (that is high traffic all the time) has a lot of not ripe, overripe, and just straight up rotten stuff. The amount of time it took me to find six suitable enough onions was out of control. And even then I wasn’t successful. So when people talk about places with “food deserts” (low income neighborhoods that are more than a mile away from a supermarket), I think the problem is even more severe than that. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the produce in my neighborhood, which happens to be fairly low income, doesn’t get as good of produce as further North or South. And I don’t blame families for loading their carts with CapriSun and Honey Buns when the only fresh sweet option isn’t really fresh, doesn’t seem very sweet and cost like $2.49 per pound.

fruit and veggie stands are like healthy taco trucks

It’s almost as if the problem is even graver than just the food deserts, just like the problem of unemployment is better represented when including the underemployed. So it’s almost like produce areas, produce deserts and brown grass produce areas.Who wants brown grass? No one.

This is why farmers markets seem more and more important, but my guess is they don’t take food stamps or credit cards, which is highly inconvenient and makes them less accessible than the local supermarket that will peddle you caloric baked goods while you are trying to make your way to the greens. As my grandpa used to say, “CROOKS. ALL OF THEM.”

As far as day three goes, it was easier getting to have fruit but I’m starting to get sick of the soup. It was definitely a good call to stick some portabella in it, but I didn’t have enough to really help it out enough. I ate an entire bag of baby carrots and was still hungry. Scary to think how fast my stomach is trying to digest that stuff…

Also, strange sensation going on in the kidney region. Either they are shutting down or are fully functioning for once. Lets hope its the latter, I don’t know if I could explain this whole shebang to a doctor.

Matt B courageously volunteered to step to the plate and be my drinking surrogate while I abstain from alcohol. Any and all drink offers should now be directed to his desk, located down the hall to the left of mine. This ensures that the industry will remain profitable and won’t pay for my participation absence. Judging by last Tuesday Matt should be enjoying his 7th beer by now.

Tomorrow will be a big transition, less Sam Kass/Farmers Market, and more the only two healthy items to be found in a school cafeteria – bananas and milk. I’m so pumped for dairy! BRING ON HUMP DAY

Sidenote: I asked my friend last Friday if she wanted to do this with me and she enthusiastically responded yes. Bought all the goods, was ready to go. Checked in with her today – yeah didn’t make it past day one. Do I feel invincible or what??? (obligatory fist pump)


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  1. other headline foodie · · Reply

    actually, most farmer’s markets (in nyc at least) do accept food stamps. they’re still not terribly accessible to all neighborhoods, but at least if you can get there you can use your stamps. oh, and nice work on finally addressing the “headline” half of our title.

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