Shock to the System

“Day two: All vegetables. You are encouraged to eat until you are stuffed with all the raw or cooked vegetables of your choice. There is no limit on the amount or type. For your complex carbohydrate, you will start day two with a large baked potato for breakfast. You may top the potato with one pat of butter.”

I diligently started my day off with a large baked potato and since I never eat breakfast, immediately felt nauseous once I had finished and ran off to the bus stop. Already I can tell I’m going to love. this. day.

Also for some reason (probably overcompensating for something) I get a VENTI iced coffee and it takes me approx. 6 hours to consume one third of it. Each sip was a bitter reminder of how magnificent dairy really is.

In fact the whole “all vegetables” day can basically be called “if you are eating this, thank a cow” because EVERY vegetable is better with dairy. Creamy dressing, cheese, butter – every single one. Broccoli with cheddar cheese, salad with feta, a nice mozzarella with some spinach and tomato. I miss it and will never ever be a vegan. Also, if you are eating fake cheese, vegans out there, you are still participating in the basic idea. So you’re basically a fraud.

For my starter course I consumed an entire bag of Spring Mix salad, tossing in some balsamic vinegar to make it not just eating straight leaves.

mmmm colorful

After finding strange items in my salad in a bag (as in, doesn’t look safe to eat), I come to the realization that although in the 80s eating all vegetables may seem like “cleansing the system”, nowadays its almost more like inviting more pesticides into your bloodstream and parasites into your intestines. We have genetically engineered the shit out of our fruits and vegetables since then. FDA was too busy approving drugs prematurely for the market that it didn’t have time to check if your onions were going to give you E.Coli. So just something to keep in mind as far as stepping into this “all vegetable” idea of health.

Next up I went for THE WONDER SOUP.

a labor of love

You could almost call it WONDER-FULL soup because it really, really fills you up. I guess that is the gist. Managed to help me make it through until I headed off to the gym, so that is quite impressive since I usually need something to hold me over, therefore defeating the purpose of working out. Such a Catch 22…

After the gym, I returned home for my last vegetable outing of the day. I like to call mashed cauliflower “God’s Gift to Anorexics”. Basically you take a whole head of cauliflower, throw in the microwave for 6 or so minutes with a little water, then puree it in your high-powered XTREME blender (that your dad bought you three years ago and you’ve used twice). I remember this treat fondly from my gymnast days and it legit seems and looks like you are eating mashed potatoes. Season it with enough salt & pepper, some garlic and you are golden. Also – realllly full.

It would have been fitting for me to take a photo of that to show how much it resembles buttery yummy mashed potatoes. But I was hungry and just didn’t bother. Now I have to do all the dishes while I prepare my cooked asparagus with balsamic for lunch tomorrow and yayyyy I get to eat fruit again!

i can't wait to eat you again yummy sweetness of nature



  1. Kati I really don’t think you’re supposed to be going to the gym on this diet considering you’re eating 400 calories a day!!!

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