Eat That Salad No Dessert

So the deal is I’m doing this GM diet for a week (in this case nyt’s roger cohen did have the scoop before us, but he probably stole it from Slate), hopefully lose 10 pounds and cleanse my system of the High Life, pasta, guacamole, garlic bread, cookies, Chipotle and diet coke that has piled into my stomach the past few busy/stressful weeks. I partied and need a fresh start. Enter – the GM diet. An ode to the 80s where as ridiculous as they sound, people did have some form of style and were actually quite skinny.

It is only a week of altered eating but still, I fear how hard it will be for me to give up all below. I fear.

1. Beer

2. Wine

3. Diet Coke

4. Milk in my coffee – just realizing now that I drink a lot of beverages and they all resemble some amount of drug/poison.

5. Pizza

6. GUM – omg this is going to kill me.

7. Cheese

8. Free food in my office – I’m realizing from this list I really just put whatever is laid out in front of me. Herein lies the hardest part of this diet – actually going to the grocery store and having to prepare food. HOW DID CAVEMEN EVER SURVIVE

So for a week, goodbye happy hour specials, goodbye expensive business lunches, goodbye appetizers at receptions. Bitch be broiling brussel sprouts.

UPDATE: Day One, 3:45 pm

I think i’m going to pass out.

I just hauled ass to the grocery store after cleaning the entire house, with only three kiwis to eat and a black coffee from Starbucks. Discovered a magical woman selling fresh sliced mango for $2 each outside the Target. Stocked up, wish she spoke English (or I spoke Spanish better) so that I could tell her all about it and see what else I can pay for that she can slice up. There are a lot of attractive young men in the produce section! Who knew?

Still need to go back and get soup ingredients, meat, milk, vinegar. Choking down as much water as I can. Realizing I’m pathetic. Stay tuned.


One comment

  1. I am glad you are documenting this…now when i do this is a few weeks i will know what to expect.

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