Is the New York Times Reading Headline Foods?

…I mean, who isn’t? After discovering they totally ripped off my quinoa salad from California, I’ve decided not to take this sitting down.  That’s right, readers, it’s poll time.

And, just to get back at that recipe stealing upstart, I went ahead and took their really tasty and refreshing looking Creamy, Garlicky Tomato Gazpacho with Crunchy Pecorino, AND TOTALLY MADE IT BETTER.  Which I must say, impressed even me, because there is not a single word in the title of the recipe that doesn’t make me drool in anticipation. Well, I can’t technically say mine was better, as I didn’t actually make the original recipe, only my spicy and modified version, but it was delicious nonetheless.

I started out with some tomatoes from the Bowery Whole Foods, which is infinitely more manageable than the one in Union Square.  Now if we can only get one in Brooklyn, preferably on that weird empty-ish lot across the street from my apartment, we’ll be having plump, juicy, flavorful tomatoes 24/7.  Then again, my home-grown tomatoes are working their way from seafoam green to a nice reddish color as we speak, so hopefully before long I’ll be featuring a gazpacho made entirely from ingredients that can grow on my deck.  Or I might get impatient and just make some fried green tomatoes tomorrow.  We’ll see.

Tomatoes aside, I actually was able to make this dish entirely from the contents of my kitchen and urban garden.  And, as this was one of those 99 degree days we’ve been having lately, the idea of creating a delicious cheap and healthy meal sans flames was extremely appealing.  I whipped out my trusty blender, rough chopped those tomatoes and tossed them in.  I blended three nice sized tomatoes with a cup of plain non-fat yogurt (this was just a standard Stonyfield that I have on hand for smoothie making – I generally prefer Greek yogurt, but feel that may be too thick for this recipe…it is still a soup after all), a healthy drizzle of olive oil (probably about 1/4 cup), a handful of parsley cut from the deck, two cloves of garlic, half a red onion, a small can of fire roasted chiles, salt and pepper. Oh, and about half a tray of ice.

I did have pecorino in the fridge, but decided to forgo topping the soup with fried cheese as preparing the little crisps would have broken my rule of a flame-free evening (and I was saving it to make cacio e pepe the next night).  Instead I resorted to cutting up some strips of prosciutto and mixing them into my bowl.  Because you can’t just let San Daniele prosciutto sit in the fridge unused.  And because I am apparently incapable of letting a vegetarian meal remain completely vegetarian.  And because it was all kinds of delicious.

Your move, Mr. Sulzberger.


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