Slammin’ Salmon

Slammin' Salmon Redux

Slammin' Salmon Redux

Salmon didn’t initially strike me as a difficult meal to tackle for my first Headline Food post.  I grew up whisking marinades, rinsing and drying fillets, and picking off the crispy parts when Dad slid a nice hunk of fish off the grill.  So when I returned home last weekend to a brand new Weber sitting on our deck in all of its classic-kettle glory, I knew what would be on the menu the next night for family dinner.  After a fun filled day of foraging the Union Square Greenmarket and Whole Foods for our dinner, I wrapped the gorgeous pink piece in a variation on Bon Appetit’s suggestion of bay leaf and lemon slice netting.  The grill was hot, the corn was browning in its husk, and our Weber was ready for some fish.  Thirty minutes later we were starving and I figured there was no way it needed to cook any more.  The outside looked gorgeous, but the inside might as well have been sashimi.  I blame the Weber.  Of course we ate it anyway (along with some kickass sweet corn), but I knew I could do better.

The main problem with perfecting salmon, however, is that it can be a bit cost-prohibitive – particularly if you have no income.  Which is why I save my expensive experiments for trips to the homeland.  And this time, with Mom at my side and The Bible in hand, it was time to tackle Salmon with Snap Peas, Peppers and Pistou.


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