Once ya pop, its okay if ya don’t stop.

There is a God, and he/she has brought pop chips directly from the skinny, toned heavens above for your emotional eating pleasure. If you hate the idea of fake rice cake pseudo chip bullshit, check out this wondrous snack food that allows you to eat the whole bag without feeling like a beached whale.


Last Friday my co-worker shared this delectable item with me and I was SHOCKED I had not heard of it before. I’m not the biggest potato chip fan (tortilla all the waaaaay), but every once in a while you need something that isn’t made by corn and isn’t a wheat thin.

Yesterday I went to Whole Foods, ignored the cute yuppy boys in the produce section and made a beeline for the chips section. I bought ever variety of POP chip in stock, and happily strolled home.

Tonight I ate the parmesan garlic variety, and while they were good for maybe a entertaining-with-dip-pre-dinner starch, on their own they were not as good as the bad ass BBQ flavor.

And no, pop chip did not send me their product and beg me to blog about it. I am an equal opportunity muncher, as long as its stocked in a Safeway, Whole Foods, Trader Joes nearby I will likely give it a run, and let you know my opinions with either hyperbolic disdain or over-the-top religious zealotry.

Sidenote: pop chips will make you thirsty, with their 280 milligrams of sodium per serving (not to mention you just ate three servings). So I must end this post and grab a Diet Coke from the vending machine downstairs, which lets be honest, I was going to get anyway.


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