I’ve been thinking a lot about restaurant reviews lately, what they mean, and about the writer’s role and responsibility. When I tell people I recently graduated with a degree in food culture and communication, and that I’m interested in writing, the common response is “so, you want to be a critic.” But I don’t. Or […]

I wrote a thesis a few months ago. It is around 18 pages, and cites a half-dozen works – not exactly the most rigorously written and researched thesis in the history of theses, but it met the requirements and served as a culmination of my year at UNISG studying Food Culture and Communications with an […]

Delfino's delicacies

For part 1, featuring hazelnut themed marriage auctions and beekeepers, click here. Day three took us from an interior peak of Calabria down to the eastern coast and a toe-dip in the Ionian sea near Soverato, back inland toward a farm visit (featuring a quotable hanger-on who most certainly deserves her own post) and the […]


The fourth study trip (or stage) of our year at UNISG took us down south to Calabria. This trip was particularly noteworthy for being our first experience with small group trips. Instead of herding 28 of us around cheese factories and farms, we were broken up into three groups of 9-10, with each group visiting a […]


I love the concept of terroir. I’m not entirely sure that I grasp it in full, but I love it as far as I understand it – essentially, that it is not just a food or drink, and the chemical makeup of that food or drink that create taste and experience, but the geography, the […]


About eight months ago I went to Sicily. It had been on my list for awhile, and eventually became the first of the two S-named Italian Islands that I would visit this year (full disclosure: there are only two in total). Sicily intrigued me for many reasons – tell of its beauty had spread far […]

Puppy cow at Aysun's farm.

I seem to start out each of these stage recaps with some kind of apology for taking so long to write about it.  So, really I should just skip all of that since it can now be kind of assumed that it is at least 1-2 months after the end of the trip, and just […]

I never knew I was in food school more than the day I showed up at our first barbecue of spring proffering a homemade shallot mayonnaise to spread on some burgers, and then had to engage in a game of mother sauce Tetris in order to find room for it on the buffet among the […]


Thirty hours, four meals, 3 world renowned historical sites, and a rooftop with a view of the Bosphorous.  Our Masters class headed to Istanbul for stage a few weeks ago, but I beat them there by a day and a half for an epically indulgent whirling Turkish adventure.  Things started a bit rocky, but we […]

For anyone interested in a little more info about what exactly it is that I do here in Italy, check out my new blog post for the University blog.


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